Happy Holidays: Sharing Love and Gratitude

💖 [Christmas Dream Project]

Bringing together everyone’s love, donating supplies to the YiKuang orphanage, the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, and the Andrew Charity Association, so that children in need can also celebrate Christmas and feel the warmth of the festival together.

🎄 [Christmas Card Exchange of Love]

By delivering cards and chocolates, we convey blessings that may be too shy to express verbally, carrying colleagues’ gratitude in 2023 and warming each other’s hearts as we move towards the new year together!

🎁 [Christmas Gift Exchange Party]

On the eve of Christmas Eve, December 22nd, while drawing gifts, everyone receives sustainable concept gifts prepared with care, promoting further interaction and exchange during the game, and contributing to the planet’s sustainability through the activity!

2023 has been a fantastic year, so let’s give ourselves a round of applause for our efforts and contributions this year 👏

Let’s welcome 2024 with unity and strive for even greater heights! 📈