Kedge passes ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas verification

We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the construction industry to have passed the “ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Verification” by SGS Taiwan Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. in June 2023!

In order to establish concrete and effective carbon reduction targets and strategies, Kedge started an important greenhouse gas inventory project in 2022. We targeted 20 construction sites across the country and our headquarters, comprehensively inventorying products and services in Category 4 supply chains. At the beginning of this month, we also submitted a science-based carbon reduction target commitment letter to SBTi, demonstrating our firm determination to reduce carbon emissions!

Chairman Yuan Aiwei said that in order to implement corporate sustainable development, Kedge’s ESG sustainability practices not only completed ahead of regulations but also ensured correct and complete information disclosure through third-party verification, actively responding to stakeholders’ demands and expectations.

As a contractor, we know our critical position in the industry chain, and how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has become the core issue for our future development. Inventory data is not only part of information disclosure but also the basis for us to practice our carbon reduction mission. 🌏

Kedge Construction will continue to move forward and realize the vision of sustainable environment for mutual prosperity and benefit! 💚

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