“Kind-Repair” Cycling Project won the Gold Award for Best Action Plan in the 3rd TSAA Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards in 2023! 🏆

Thanks to everyone’s support, “Kind-Repair” Cycling Project has been selected as the Gold Award winner for Best Action Plan in the 3rd TSAA (Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards) in 2023! 🎉🎉🎉

This project has always been one of our proudest achievements, as it represents our commitment to disadvantaged families.

Combining surplus materials from construction sites, the professional skills of upstream and downstream manufacturers, and the assistance of the Joy Knows Association in mediating site assistance for the homeless, the three parties flexibly use resources to meet the repair needs of disadvantaged families and practice the architectural concept of circular economy!

Thanks to everyone who supports us. Without your support and encouragement, we would not have such good results!

We will continue to work hard to make the “Kind-Repair” Cycling Project benefit more people in need. We hope that in the future, the “Kind-Repair” Cycling Project can spread to more cities and communities and help more families in need. ❤️

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