About the Report

Kedge Construction has issued the corporate social responsibility reports since 2015 for nine consecutive years and is the first listed construction company in Taiwan whose reports were certified by a third-party inspection. In alignment with the “Corporate Governance 3.0” policy implemented by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), the formerly titled Corporate Social Responsibility report was officially renamed “Environmental, Social, and Governance Report” (ESG Report) starting from the year 2022. This report demonstrates Kedge’s social responsibility for showing active concern for stakeholders as well as listening to and communicating well with them. With numerous regular and irregular stakeholder engagements held by the “Sustainability Development Committee” and the functional groups, the contents disclosed in this report were prioritized after identified and sorted through a materiality analysis and issue analysis, and so compiled in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to communicate and disclose the crucial information of the company. Furthermore, since 2021, following the ESG reports, Kedge has established a completely structured Environmental, Social, and Governance website (hereafter referred to the ESG official website) for the purpose of improving the access to, as well as the transparency and immediacy of corporate sustainability information. Through the digital website, we are able to interact with our stakeholders and thus to collect feedback for the constant enhancement of the quality of our reports and the form in which they present.

Reporting Period and Boundary

The content of the report mainly concerns various actions and performances that Kedge has achieved in operation and management, environmental protection, and social engagement during 2022 (from 2022/1/1 to 2022/12/31). Due to the integrity of the report, part of the contents and the performance information up to the year 2020 are included. With respect to the communicative immediacy, part of the information has been disclosed from January to June in 2023. The content scope of the report centers on Kedge’s operational sites in Taiwan (including the headquarters in Taipei and the operating construction sites of the ongoing construction projects undertaken in 2022), excluding other subsidiaries and enterprises related to the Kindom Corporation. The contract construction categories in the report include various types of construction performances in residential property, technological manufacturing plants, biotechnology and medicine, large public construction, civil engineering, roads, bridges, etc.

Writing Principles and Internal Review

The report was written with reference to the standards of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies released by Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) and Taipei Exchange (TPEx). The data presented in the report were derived from the statistics collected and counted by each department based on daily business transaction during office hours. The planning department takes charge of the compilation schedule of annual reports and information organization, conducting material analysis and performance disclosure, and, with external consulting team, providing improvement advice. The content of the report was reviewed layer by layer by the Sustainable Development Committee and the supervisors of each functional group. With its information correctness reviewed by the chief auditors, the report was then approved by the General Manager and last by the Chairman. Standardized specification sheets were all established for the data and information in the report as a standard process of internal management to ensure the reliability of the quality of data.

International Standards and External Assurance

This report was entrusted to DNV Business Assurance Co., Ltd. for verification, and was certificated as per the requirements of GRI Standards in accordance with the Type1 moderate-level assurance of the AA 1000 AS v3.

Further, the management indicators disclosed in the report were all in alignment with the international standards of ISO and BSI, and were also certified by a third-party inspection.

  • Financial data: based on the data in the annual report audited by KPMG; such data is in New Taiwan dollars (NTD).
  • Quality information: ISO 9001 – SGS
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM): ISO 19650-BSI Taiwan
  • Environmental data: ISO 14067 – BSI Taiwan
  • Circular Economy: BS 8001 – BSI Taiwan
  • Social Information: ISO 45001 – SGS / Ministry of Labor CNS 15506:2018
  • ESG Report: AA 1000AS v3 – DNV Taiwan

Date of Publication and Contact Information

  • Date of the current publication: 2023, June
  • Estimated date of the next publication: 2024, June
  • Contact person: Planning Department Wang, Kai-Lin / Song, Yu-Chen
  • Tel: +886-2-2378-6789 Ext. 5337 / 5275