Shareholders’ rights

Shareholders’ rights

Kedge attaches great importance to the rights and interests of every shareholder. In compliance with the Company Act, Securities Exchange Act and other relevant laws and regulations, we treat all shareholders equally. Shareholders can exercise their voting rights through the shareholders’ meeting to participate in the company’s decision-making. All approval, discussion and election proposals in the shareholders’ meeting are voted on a case-by-case basis, and electronic voting is listed as one of the methods of exercising voting rights. The voting results are publicly disclosed in the shareholders’ meeting; in addition, the company’s website provides contact information for investors and shareholders to strengthen communication with shareholders on weekdays in response to the suggestions put forward by shareholders.

Shareholder structure

“The average shareholding ratio of corporations and insiders in the last three years was 53.76%” and “the shareholding ratio of major shareholders holding more than 400 shares on April 4, 2023 was 61.95%,” which is the same as the average shareholding ratio in the last three years. The shareholding ratio is approximately 61.41%. Major shareholders of Kedge Construction holding more than 400 shares, in addition to the above-mentioned corporations and insiders who hold shares, are mainly major shareholders such as banks, life insurance companies, general institutional investors and natural persons who have held shares for more than 3 years. Those who hold more than 100 shares are domestic and foreign institutional investment accounts without government agencies, and the structure of shareholders is stable.

Corporate Governance Evaluation

We announced in 2023 the ranking of listed companies in the 2022 evaluation: we ranked among 5%~20%, same as the prior evaluation results. Among the 16 indicators which have not been scored in all the 79 indicators, eight of them have been improved and earned us points in 2022. Consecutively we have also set up the Sustainable Development Committee in 2022, formulated risk management policies and procedures, strengthened measures related to the performance of the board of directors, and regularly reported on project plans and implementation status concerning intellectual property management, information security integrity management, ESG key and specific actions.