Human right policies

Human rights protection

We support and safeguard basic human rights, recognize and follow the internationally recognized spirit and basic principles of human rights protection such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, and the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work issued by the United Nations International Labor Organization, and abide by the labor-related laws and regulations of the place of operation. We prevent any violations and violations of human rights, and ensure that everyone inside and outside the company can be treated fairly and with dignity. At Kedge, in order to implement the commitment to human rights protection, we announce the relevant measures and complaint channels through the company’s EIP system, and strengthen publicity during the induction training of newcomers. Each unit in charge is responsible for handling and answering relevant questions, and clearly standardizes the handling process to ensure the smoothness of the reporting channels and the fairness of investigation. At the same time, in addition to the labor-management meeting, the supervisor also establishes a diverse and effective communication mechanism, continuously improves salary and benefits, and attaches great importance to employee training and career development, so that the rights and interests of employees are protected and the company fulfill its corporate sustainable responsibility.

Prevention Policies

In order to implement human rights, we formulate human rights policies, sexual harassment prevention and punishment measures, prevention measures for physical or mental violations (prevention of workplace violence) due to other people’s behavior in the performance of duties, occupational safety and health policies, reporting mailboxes. We included human rights issues in the education and training system and training courses. Employees can express their opinions or complain about illegal incidents through telephone, email or related reporting mechanisms. The responsible department will handle the reply and complete the investigation process in accordance with the formal process to deal with the content of the report fairly and justly.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures and Punishment Measures

We clearly formulated the “Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures and Punishment Measures,” and we also set up telephone lines and emails responsible for dealing with complaints. When employees encounter sexual harassment, they can complain in writing or orally. If sexual harassment or suspected cases occur, we form a Sexual Harassment Committee in an undisclosed manner, and start the investigation process. The committee should consist of more than half of the female colleagues. The complaint should be closed within two months from the date of the complaint issued. If the sexual harassment is found to be true after investigation, the committee conducts punishment measures according to the work rules and the principles of employee rewards and punishments.

Risk assessment

We conducted human rights risk assessments in 2022, focusing on different aspects of human rights issues, including non-discrimination in employment, prohibition of child labor and forced labor, ensuring freedom of association, healthy and safe workplaces, work-life balance, emphasizing labor relations, establishing complaint mechanisms, information security and privacy protection, workplace tolerance and equality, and prohibition of workplace sexual harassment. We evaluate the risk value borne by the enterprise. Through the questionnaires returned by 90% of employees, the issues with higher risks are work-life balance and emphasizing labor-management relations. Based on this, the mitigation measures should be strengthened in communication and promotion and feedback from labor-management meetings.

Preventive measures against physical or mental violations (prevention of workplace violence) due to other people’s actions during the performance of duties

In addition to sexual harassment, we also take measures to prevent workplace violence, physical or mental, in the workplace and other places. Any illegal infringement of physical, psychological, verbal or sexual harassment is not allowed in the company. If our employees encounter violence in the workplace, they can report to the supervisors at all levels or the Human Resources Department. After formal investigation, if the report is true, the responsible unit conduct punishment measures according to the work rules and the principles of employee rewards and punishments.

Occupational Safety and Health Policies

We strive to create a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace environment through the occupational safety office, occupational staff and supervisors at all levels. We are committed to pursuing a zero-injury, zero-accident working environment in compliance with laws and regulations, and advocate for hazard prevention, full participation and continuous improvement. At the same time, with the professionalism of the staff and nurses, we manage the health examination data of all employees, keep care of those in need, and conduct health management tracking through our company’s APP.

Education Training

In order to promote the importance of human rights among colleagues, in addition to the new employee training where new comers are informed of various human rights-related systems and norms, we also arrange courses related to human rights and encourage employees to participate in courses with no time limit and unlimited time. In 2022, four human rights courses were scheduled, including prevention of sexual harassment and avoidance of workplace bullying. With no pressure, employees’ awareness of human rights and self-protection ability can be strengthened.

Mitigation Measures

We adopt methods of publicity, communication and system management to implement mitigation measures for reducing human rights risks and impacts.

Audit System

Email for reporting

Audit system

Kedge Construction possesses the ISO 45001 system verification and a complete audit system. In order to protect human rights, all system processes and operations should be implemented in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.