Social Relations and Social Inclusion

Social influence

We uphold the mission of “creating a better living environment to give back to the society” and combine our own core capabilities and operating strategies. In addition to developing professional and sustainable green engineering services on our way to sustainable management, we also strive to give back to the society.

We review our investment results every year to measure the impact of social participation, so that financial and non-financial resources can be effectively allocated and combined to meet the expectations of multiple stakeholders and create shared value. In 2022, the total amount of investment was NT$10,663,900 (excluding management and volunteer labor costs). The total number of volunteer hours was 531 hours.


The “Kind-repair” Cycling Project

Problem to be solved

Although remote villages have received many donations of funds, materials and other resources for a long time, the issue of “lack of repair personnel” still remains as the core problem that has influenced the efficiency of improving the living environment of underprivi-leged families.

Our actions

Our ESG functional team developed the “Kind-repair Cycling Project”; we adopted our expertise in construction management, and focused on remote villages in Kaohsiung, where building materials are difficult to transport and the lack of work manpower is extreme. We cooperated with “Sharing Social Welfare Foundation” to carry out the hour repair work for five vulnerable families.


In response to the concept of “circular economy,” we also recycled and reused the remaining building materials, electromechani-cal equipment and furniture from the Southern Office which was abolished in 2021. We also invited suppliers to participate. In addition to meeting the repair needs of disadvantaged families, we practiced the architectural concept of recycling.


According to the SROI analysis conducted by KPMG, every 1 dollar made in the Cycling Project can create social value of “7.62” dollars. The post-project investigation suggests that for the stakeholders (Kedge employees, third-party suppliers, and disadvantaged households assisted), “Spiritual satisfaction” (44.27%) is regarded as the most beneficial item, followed by “improving the living environment” (26.66%) and “enhancing family interaction” (10.74%).


Launched the plan and met vulnerable households for understanding the needs

With the assistance of the social workers from Sharing Social Welfare Foundation, our repair team went to five case families in Maolin District, Liugui District, and Taoyuan District of Kaohsiung City and conducted on-the-spot investigations and housing status investigations. We recorded the needs of the case families in detail, and evaluated them by our sales and services team to identify the repair method to adopt. The house repair projects for the five households are as follows

Future goals

The “Kind-Repair Cycling Project” has been incubated since the end of 2021, and the repair of five case families was completed in 2022. In 2023, we will expand the project and welcome the participation of more stakeholders. Since our construction sites are spread all over Taiwan, we will move towards the vision of “one construction site guards one family” in the future. In 2023, we expect to conduct repair work for 10 to 15 vulnerable households.

At the same time, through the “Supplier Conference” held in 2023, we will continue to convey the concept of the circular repair platform, and invite suppliers to participate in the repair activities for remote villages, so as to realize the project vision of “where there are roots, there will be no remote villages in Taiwan.” In addition, this project has begun to cooperate with the “Taiwan Lezhi Charity Association,” and will entrust some repair cases to their homeless repair team. We hope to empower the disadvantaged (homeless people), provide them with employment opportunities, and allow public welfare to “circulate” and further expand.

Kindom Yu Shan Education Foundation, Cultivating Deeply in Humanities

In 2022, Kedge donated NT$8million to Kindom Yu Shan Education Foundation

Kindom Corporation has been paying attention to knowledge sharing in the field of “life aesthetics” for a long time, and hopes to become a “professional craftsman” in the construction industry to deliver the value of happy life to customers. In order to fulfill social corporate responsibilities, Kindom Corpora-tion established the Kindom Yu Shan Education Foundation in 2014, adhering to the mission of “promoting reading and architectural education.” Apart from actively organizing annual major reading projects and a series of charity educational lectures, Kindom also invests in educational resources and facilities to support disadvantaged students in rural areas and social welfare organizations, hoping to give back to the society as much as possible and lead the public to understand the “truth” of architecture, the “goodness” of cities and the “beauty” in life.

Overview of performance

Major issue

Social Care and Public Welfare

Significance to Kedge

Fulfill corporate social responsibili-ties, engage in activities of public welfare, improve the reading atmosphere, and convey the value of happy life to the society.

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