Ethical Management

We are aware that ethical management and elimination of bribery and fraud are the fundament for corporate sustainable development. Corruption and unethical conduct in business will give rise to loss of goodwill, losses to many stakeholders, and damage to the corporate image.

We advocate integrity and ethical business conduct and follow laws and regulations. In addition to complying with national laws and regulations, we have also established the “Ethical Code of Conduct.” Our employees, managers at all levels, and members of the board of directors are all highly self-disciplined to embody ethical behaviors literacy and professional ethics in the workplace. We recognize the integration of labor and capital, provide various remuneration and benefits, reward employees for their hard work and encourage employees to strive to achieve operational goals, and at the same time attract and keep the professional talented people needed by the company.

We formulated the “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct,” so as to strengthen and implement the integrity management policy, and prevent dishonest behavior and business activities.

The code of conduct and ethics for Kedge’s employees: We provide education and training to employees who are on the job, so that they can understand the company’s values, work rules, integrity standards, employee conflict of interest norms, sexual harassment prevention, personal data confidentiality measures, etc. All employees shall abide by laws and regulations and the company’s internal control system and other regulations to handle affairs, adhere to personal integrity and social moral standards, and maintain the assets, the rights and interests, and the image of the company. The scope covers the following items: