Talent development and training

Recruitment and retention

There is an economic cycle, but we always seek outstanding talents and never stop investing in the development of human capital, as we believe that an enterprise’s competitiveness lies in talents. We participate in job fairs on campus and interact with the school interns, fresh graduates of universities or master’s programs, and talents with one to two years of experience through an all-round talent cultivation program– a new talent training program and provide internship or employment opportunities through diverse online and offline channels to continue to recruit and train outstanding talents, enhance our competitiveness, and lay a foundation for our sustainable development It is our responsibility to provide a work environment of happiness and fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We regularly review employees’ salaries, survey their satisfaction with work, and continue to improve, so that they will be proud of working at Kedge. We train their other skill sets through internal talent selection and interdepartmental rotation to cultivate all-around talents through training, experience, and honing.

Promotion system

To motivate employees to pursue continuous growth and stay at Kedge for more than half a year, they can participate in the company’s twice-a-year performance management and promotion mechanism to improve and recognize their performance. Our performance evaluation and career development review mechanism ensure effective rewards to outstanding employees through performance management; we provide various types of bonuses, rewards, promotions, pay raise, and training to individuals and teams who have achieved strategic targets or have outstanding performance to retain talents.

In 2021, up to 181 people had job promotions and salary increases, accounting for 31% of all employees.

Remuneration system

In 2022, the overall salary earned by the highest individual in the year is about 6.3 times the median salary of other employees. The median salary of employees here refers to the regular employees (excluding foreign migrant workers) who are on the job throughout the year, and the amount actually paid to the above-mentioned employees in the current year; the median annual income increase of individuals is 12%, which is about 1:4.9 compared with the change in total compensation for the highest individual annual income. The personal annual income increase here refers to the regular employees (excluding foreign migrant workers) who were on the job in the previous year and the current year, and the actual increase in the current year to the above-mentioned in-service employees.

We determine the remuneration based on market competitiveness and internal fairness. We decide on the remuneration based on the third-party market surveys of the construction industry. We adopt the principle of “enabling those with good performance to be better” for salary design depending on the overall economic changes, government laws and regulations. We adjust salary based on the company’s overall performance, profit and performance at a given unit, and individual performance. In addition, we pay out year-end bonuses as per the company’s annual profitability, the organization’s achievement of targets, as well as employees’ annual work performance. In addition, after the completion and payment settlement of each construction project, we allocate a moderate amount of the profits as bonuses to reward outstanding employees in the project to share the profits, enhance employees’ loyalty and sense of honor, and motivate them to pursue excellence and take on challenges. Furthermore, our salary standards are consistent regardless of gender, race, religion, political affiliation, and marital status. The remuneration and benefits include salary increases and various bonuses to ensure and attract outstanding talents.

The remuneration policy of the company’s senior management is recommended by the remuneration committee to the Board of Directors for approval; it is based on the company’s sustainable operation strategy, financial indicators, environmental, social, corporate governance and other achievement indicators to ensure that the company’s operating goals can be in line with sustainable operating results combined. In addition to setting fixed salaries with reference to salary market standards, the remuneration of senior management is directly linked to the performance evaluation items of senior executives as the basis for variable bonuses. In addition to ensuring short-term financial indicators, it also contributes to long-term value.

The regular salary of non-managerial entry-level male employees is 1.85 times higher than the minimum base salary, and that of the female counterparts is 2.33 times higher.

The overall salary increase is 6.3%.

Personnel turnover over the years

In 2022, there were 195 new employees (106 males and 88 females); there were 115 employees who resigned (81 males and 34 females).

Talent cultivation and development

We enable employees to have diverse learning and development opportunities and broaden their career development paths through a well-established talent development system. Employees need to receive training continuously to improve their work quality and professional skills, stimulate their enthusiasm for work, and maintain work security. In 2022, the total number of our education and training hours for employees was 15407.02. The trainees were all our employees. The participation rate was 100%, with 26.34 training hours per person, which exceeded the target set by the company. The reason for the decrease compared to 2021 is that the total number of annual education and training hours in 2022 was affected by the pandemic and limited personnel mobility, so the total number of hours was lower than in 2021.

Compared with 2021, the total hours of annual education and training increased by 3593.92 hours.

Education and training hours over the years

We offer education and training every year according to the trends, the different needs of various job levels and units, and the expertise and skills required for their work and provide employees with subsidies for their professional elective courses to improve their expertise and soft skills. The implementation is as follows:

2022 Employee Growth and Training Sessions

DEI Workplace – Cultural Integration of Immigrant Workers

Problem to be solved

There are 271 Southeast Asian employees (migrant workers) in Kedge Construction, accounting for about one-third of the employees, and they are the main source of project execution. In recent years, the promotion of “Labor Equality and Elimination of Inequality” (SDGs10) is part of Kedge’s sustainable development strategy.

Our actions

  • We promote reading, make hometown reading materials readily available, and make reading a part of daily life.
  • We inspire creativity through bookcase design, recycle waste and create new life.
  • We carry out Chinese training workshops for migrant workers education, so that migrant workers who leave their hometowns and come to Taiwan can often integrate into the local society.

Implementation and Highlights

  • Our book acquisition relies on the book selection cooperation with “Bright Time.” Its unique rent-to-buy model also prevents books from being owned by a certain unit, which embodies a circular economy and a sharing economy.
  • Through a variety of “circular economy” models, we used small-scale and creative ways to reduce waste. For example, we retained available aluminum frames when demolishing original buildings, and saved solar panels for use in the construction of new cases. In this case, the leftovers (iron frame) and used wooden pallets are able to be slightly reconstructed to make furniture (such as tables and chairs) or office supplies (such as bookshelves, whiteboard racks) as materials for making bookcases.
  • We carried out conduct Chinese build-up workshops and cooperated with the NGO organization “One-Forty” to design various ability-building courses so that migrant workers can learn and accumulate themselves after work.


  • We set up 3 Kedge Co-Prosperity Bookstores at the construction site of Taoyuan Convention and Exhibition Center, the construction site of Chiayi Station, and the construction site of Tainan Station. It is estimated that the number of book borrowings has reached 350 times.
  • We conducted Chinese power-building workshops, with 30 beneficiaries and a total of 180 hours of education and training.