Brand management

Build the most reliable brand

Based on the brand development strategy blueprint, we have launched a series of brand marketing plans and activities. In recent years, we have successively accepted media interviews and reports from CommonWealth Magazine, Global Views Monthly, Business Today, Economic Daily News, United Daily News, and the podcast program Big Ears produced by Business Today, etc. We strengthen the operation of our official website and other self-media, establishing with external media a long-term interactive relationship which presents smooth communication in both directions. In 2014, we established a Facebook fan page and regularly published posts. We actively developed active marketing channels and conducted barrier-free interactions with stakeholders. In 2022, the number of online visits on our Facebook fan page reached 137,478, with an increase of more than 1,218.2% compared to 2021.By publishing press releases on newly signed/under-construction projects, and planning annual news stories or interviews on topics such as brands, leaders, industry trends, ESG, etc., we effectively combined internal and external media resources and successfully shaped the professional image of our brand, demonstrating our brand Influence.

Create a sustainable business moat

Our efforts in sustainable development range in the five aspects from green homeland, smart city, happy society, honest management, to joint innovation. We comprehensively promote a sustainable homeland, and at the same time integrate sustainable development into the enterprise. We established the “Sustainable Development Office,” planning on long-term strategies and development plans. Each of our business units has also established a sustainable development committee to implement sustainable actions. In 2022, we were recognized as one of Taiwan’s Top 100 sustainable model enterprises. Concrete actions at all levels, such as employee care, serve to actively create a green workplace. We promote health care services through a friendly working environment and consider knowledge as a fundamental component for employee benefits. We have cooperated with Kindom Yu Shan Education Foundation and Boven Magazine Library since 2018 and regularly held themed book fairs in the reading area on the first floor of the Kindom Building. We choose books depending on the themes of the fairs, and provided our employees in the company in each fair with about 50 books and magazines in Chinese and foreign languages for free, so that our employees can relax and enrich themselves by after-work reading. With a diversify of content in books, they can also feel stimulated in their creative thinking and life inspiration.From the inside to the outside of the company, we have comprehensively practiced sustainability and built a beautiful homeland. We have won the 1111 Happy Enterprise Gold Award for two consecutive years.

We were awarded as one of Taiwan's Top 100 sustainable model enterprises; Senior Vice General Manager Jinhua Fan attended to receive the award

Zero-distance communication

We have placed time-lapse videos on the official website to greet every visitor. Echoing the founder’s philosophy, we strive to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and believe that reading can make a change in society. Therefore, we have set up a book-sharing section, a LOHAS reading area, and the Group’s key milestones area in the company to promote a culture of reading. We also work with CommonWealth Magazine to set up libraries within construction sites, to promote reading in daily life. We set up a Facebook fan page, which is managed by the Planning Department. Employees in each department provide the department with materials and stay informed at any time of updates on engineering information, sustainable news and the corporate messages related to the company.