Kedge’s sustainable strategy and blueprint

Corporate sustainable perspective and commitment

Sincerity, quality, service, innovation, and sustainability are all Kedge’s fundamental values. In pursuing revenue and profits, we insist on our role of a global corporate citizen and strive to promote sustainable development, thereby continuing to create steady momentum for business growth and competitiveness.

As an ethical and responsible company, Kedge strives to develop into a distinguished company that shoulders our duties and missions; we firmly believe that taking responsibility for our stakeholders and the environment will ultimately contribute to our long-term profitability and growth. We continue to uphold our philosophy of giving back to society and commit ourselves to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. Concerning various aspects such as labor relations, employee care, corporate governance, environmental protection, and social welfare, we pay careful attention and comply with government policies ensuring our employees’ right to work and enhancing a secure and health working environment. We develop low-carbon construction, lowering impacts on the environment and taking our social and environmental responsibilities. We commit ourselves to the three major aspects in the ESG framework in order to meet the expectation from our stakeholders.

As the first publicly listed construction company in Taiwan that has passed the AA 1000AS assessment, we accentuate talent cultivation and base the corporate operation on the appliance of construction techniques. We strive to improve and innovate our business with the integration of quality and techniques, and thereby make good use of resources with energy saved and carbon emission reduced. We adopt the BIM modelling method to develop and simulate construction plans, integrate designs, review visualized construction projects. We also employ the method in managing project progress and cash flows. We devote ourselves to the respect and care for human and nature, valuing every contracted construction project as our missions and constantly improving the management of engineering technologies throughout the life cycle.

Development blueprint of our sustainable strategies

Kedge Construction is an affiliate of the Kindom Corporation group. We adhere to the ESG core values of “creating a happy life” and extend them to five major practical strategies concerning “green home,” “smart city,” “joint innovation,” “reliable enterprise,” and “happy enterprise” with regards to the 11 goals in the SDGs.

Kedge Construction fulfills its responsibilities in environmental sustainability (E), social integrity (S), corporate governance (G) and strives to meet various stakeholders’ needs and expectations regarding products, services, governance, and the environment. We stick to the core values which sustain the spirit of our corporation and, in pursuit of the corporate sustainable development, fulfil our social responsibility. Kedge takes the “sustainable city engineering team” as its mission of development and actively takes part in building constructions on public constructions, collective housing, factories and offices of enterprises, and medical hospitals. We are the most professional collaborative partner with the government and enterprises for the construction of sustainable cites.

Sustainable City Engineering Group

With a solid and firm foundation, we always take the lead and pursue the most extraordinary.

Goals for the short-, mid-, and long-term developments