Risk management

Risk is an unavoidable part of corporate operations and growth. In particular, a construction company often encounters many uncertain factors that may threaten the operations during the operation process. It is necessary to establish a complete risk management system for addressing economic, environmental, social, and climate change risks. Only by formulating an overall risk policy can we support the operation and growth of the enterprise and realize the sustainable operation of the company. We have established a regulatory compliance system, evaluated the compliance of each unit, strengthen employees’ awareness of compliance through continuous education training as well as self-assessment and improvement, so as to give early warning and improve the company’s compliance operations. In addition, we ensure that various risk issues are promptly and comprehensively managed by senior management through regular reports.

Kedge’s regular reports

In order to ensure that all potential risks can be effectively controlled, we arrange emergency response meetings according to different risk levels and timeliness as per procedures, formulate relevant contingency plans and actions, and arrange improvement, reviews and prevention afterwards. All management levels have responsibility for risk identification and management. Once a potential risk is discovered, they should be promptly reported to the Audit Office or senior management for seeking a solution as early as possible. The management level should take action in the shortest possible time. Risk management reports should be submitted for various risk management resolutions, assigned tasks, supervision and follow-up implementation, so that when future management faces similar or identical problems, they can refer to previous experience and propose better solutions.

Climate change risk management

The whole world is currently very concerned about the issue of climate change and warming. Due to the drastic changes in the environment on the Earth, the probability of extreme weather is increasing, and the construction industry is also facing a great impact. For example, the increase in extreme weather has seriously affected the schedule of construction. Extreme weather also causes a burden on labor in construction. We uphold the business spirit of providing high quality, health and safety, perfect and innovative management standards, and continue to improve ourselves and serve customers with the highest standards in the market.