Salary and Benefits

Talent – the Cornerstone of Kedge Construction

Employees are the cornerstone of corporate growth. Kedge Construction has a three-layered talent strategy: attract, cultivate, and retain talent. We have established industry-academia mechanisms for exchanges with schools, providing industry experiences to attract talent, setting up an excellent talent recruitment platform, and constantly creating a safe and stable work environment in which employees feel respected, allowing everyone to achieve their career goals and realize their dreams.

In response to the company’s development in 2022, as of December 31, 2022, there were a total of 903 employees (including part-time employees, summer interns and non-domestic workers).

Compared with the same period of the previous year, the number of irregular employees increased by 12%, and the proportion of foreign workers increased from 16% to 31%. The number of contractors and temporary workers assisting the operation of the construction site reached an average of 1,692 per month.

Giving back through local job opportunities

We recruit new employees based on the principle of local employment, providing employment opportunities in the area where our operating sites or construction projects are located, and comply with labor laws and regulations to protect employees’ right to work. Kedge Construction has 585 full-time employees and 2 part-time employees. Except for 1 with foreign nationality, all employees are Taiwanese. All employees’ rights and interests are protected by the Labor Standards Act and applicable laws and regulations. There are also 22 fixed-term contract employees (10 males and 12 females) and 271 foreign migrant workers. We have a total of 903 employees.

Number of persons with disabilities employed over the years

Number of employees and gender ratio over the past three years

The main manpower of Kedge is young and middle-aged employees aged 30 to 50. More than 90% of the employees have a college degree or above. The disproportionate ratio of males to females is due to the characteristics of the industry.

Focus on gender equality in the workplace to allow employees to work with peace of mind

Employees who have served for more than six months can apply for a maximum of two years of unpaid parental leave before their child turns three years old, in accordance with the Act of Gender Equality in Employment and the Regulations for Implementing Unpaid Parental Leave for Raising Children. After the end of the unpaid parental leave, the Company will arrange their return to their unit and position and provide relevant education and training courses to smooth out their return to the workplace. In 2022, a total of 3 people applied for unpaid parental leave, and a total of 2 were reinstated this year.

Employee benefits

We attach great importance to labor-management relations and provide various excellent salaries and benefits to motivate employees to work with peace of mind and strive to achieve operational targets. Remuneration and benefits include salary increases and various bonuses for outstanding performance. To attract and retain professional talents needed by us, we have established innovation awards and rewards measures for senior role models to motivate other employees and enhance their commitment.

We regard every employee as an important partner and family member and are committed to providing a happy and harmonious work environment. In terms of work, we adopt various reward systems to enhance employees’ sense of honor. We provide them with the most complete care, so that they can enjoy a good quality of life after work, including a variety of employee benefits and bonuses and a benefits system. For example, we have established an Employee Welfare Committee in accordance with the Employee Welfare Fund Act to provide all employees with subsidies for various activities and events, such as employee health examinations, sports days, year-end party, and departmental gatherings, as well as coffee machines, snacks, afternoon tea, and massage services, to relax their body and mind and adjust their status at work. (In addition, those who do not contribute to the welfare fund are not entitled to subsidies, the welfare fund, travel subsidies, and health examination.)

Work-life balance measures

We purchase employee group insurance, term life insurance, accident insurance (including severe burns and scalds), medical insurance, accident medical insurance, and cancer medical insurance for all employees at the full expense of Kedge itself, to ensure comprehensive health and safety protection for all employees at work and allow them to work with peace of mind. We take the initiative to provide a positive and relaxing work environment through various measures and policies in work, family, and health. We provide them with family care and support to facilitate their physical and psychological health and balance at work and in their daily lives, allowing them to take on family responsibility.

We work with the Qinglin Preschool to provide childcare services for employees’ children, and they can enjoy a 10% discount on the registration fee.

We invite employees to have fun and share our annual philosophy with their families.

We provide affiliate Global Mall’s discounts and sales to employees.

Employees’ families and friends can enjoy home purchase discounts and special home purchase surprises from time to time, so that they can enjoy their work achievements and high residential quality.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022, we implemented the WFH policy. To protect employees’ safety, we established a remote connection mechanism, allowing them to work at home with peace of mind.

Welfare fund subsidy

  1. Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, birthday, wedding, and baby bonuses. A bonus of NT$3,000 upon the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival, NT$5,000 upon the birthday, NT$20,000 for a wedding, NT$10,000 for the first child, and NT$20,000 for the second child and up are provided.
  2. Allowances for funerals and hospitalization. The funeral allowance ranges from NT$6,000 to NT$20,000 depending on the family relationship and the hospitalization allowance is NT$4,000, which applies to both employees and their family members.
  3. Health examination, group insurance, and discounts on home purchases. A subsidy of NT$10,000 for health examinations is provided to those who have worked for one year or more every June.
  4. Sports days and various teambuilding activities.
  5. Travel subsidies from time to time.
  6. Employee remuneration paid out in accordance with our Articles Of Association.

Maternal health protection program for female employees

To protect female employees’ health and benefits, we have implemented the Kedge Construction’s Maternal Health Protection Program to maintain our stakeholders’ health and well-being, including pregnant and breastfeeding female workers or those in the postpartum period, and prevent pregnant employees from suffering reproductive harm and physical and psychological harm.

Safe and friendly workplace – breastfeeding rooms

We set up breastfeeding rooms in 2016 and renovated them in 2020 to make them more convenient and comfortable for female employees to access a barrier-free breastfeeding environment.

Senior employee award

To appreciate employees for their long-term contributions, we present awards to senior employees every year. In 2022, a total of 22 employees won awards, including 15 five-year awardees and 7 ten-year ones.

Innovation awards

We launched innovation awards and a senior role model reward mechanism to express our gratitude with medals, thereby attracting and retaining the professional talents we need, motivating them to work hard, and enhancing their commitment.

Free health examination, to keep our employees healthy

In response to the outbreak of the pandemic in 2022, we have canceled health examinations. In compliance with the governmental preventive measure against the pandemic, we canceled group health examinations which started from July 1, 2022, in order to reduce the crowd of people and other unnecessary events and to lessen the burden of the personnel in medical institutes. Instead, we issued health vouchers worth NT$10,000.

Labor-management communication channels

We attach great importance to employee participation and facilitate labor-management communication through various mechanisms. If we expect any major change to the company, we will communicate and negotiate with employees at least two weeks in advance. During the reporting period, there was no major change to the company’s operations that seriously affected employees’ rights nor did any employee complaint or dispute occur. As per the Labor Standards Act, if there is any major adjustment to the company or the employees, two-week advance notice must be given, and adequate communication must be engaged with the employees. Forced labor, discrimination, or abuse is strictly forbidden. The company proceeds in accordance with the Labor Standards Act, and both the employer and employees abide by this act. The company has included the minimum notice:

  • 10-day advance notic: Employees who have worked for the Company for more than three months but less than a year
  • 20-day advance notic: Employees who have worked for the Company for more than a year but less than three years
  • 30-day advance notic: Employees who have worked for the Company for more than three years

Labor-management meeting

We hold a labor-management meeting quarterly to inform the labor representatives of the company’s business development, employees’ health, safety, benefits, salaries, as well as rewards and punishments, and we disclose the meeting minutes to all employees. In 2022, we held a total of four labor-management meetings, and the attendance of labor and management representatives reached 89.5%.period for changes in labor services in the work regulations.