In 2022, there was no corruption incidents in the company. In order to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, we have set up a dedicated legal unit to pay close attention to the formulation and development of laws and regulations that may affect the company. We have formulated the “Regulatory Compliance Statement.” The legal compliance supervisor leads the legal compliance management unit to be responsible for the planning, management and implementation of the legal compliance system, supervising and assisting each unit to conduct legal compliance assessments, respond to legal changes, and comprehensively manage legal compliance affairs. All employees shall attend relevant education when entering the job. Education training courses are held occasionally for engineering, procurement, occupational safety and other related laws and regulations, so that all units of the company can implement various regulations, and the senior management can grasp the implementation status of laws and regulations and set up an anti-corruption policy area on the company’s official website.

The methods of education and training on compliance and anti-corruption are as follows:

  • Offer “Business Ethics” courses for new employees, as well as courses related to law and ethics. In 2022, a total of 5 legal compliance and corporate integrity management courses will be offered, with 853 participants and 421 hours of training. The course objects cover senior managers, department heads and general employees.
  • Provide handouts for the “Work Ethics course” in the “Education and Training section” on the EIP website for employees to conduct self-directed learning.
  • Hold anti-corruption awareness-raising events and offer education and training to the procurement unit.

In line with the ESG concept, we increase the use of digital methods such as TEAMS or email, and conduct relevant education and training or publicity of laws and regulations, so as to achieve the goals of circular economy, energy saving and carbon reduction.

In addition to requiring employees, managers at all levels, and members of the Board of Directors to abide by moral values and professional behaviors internally, suppliers are also required to follow the same. Suppliers are required to sign the “Integrity Principles and Anti-Corruption Agreement” and are strictly prohibited from having conflicts of interest or the risk of conflicts of interest with related parties. We also require suppliers to ensure that they will not provide improper benefits to related parties. If there is dishonesty involved, the company may directly rescind or terminate the contract and request punitive liquidated damages. In 2022, the supplier signing rate accounted for 100%. In addition, the supplier can also contact dedicated personnel for any unethical matters discovered through legitimate reporting channels.

Data of major violations in 2022

In 2022, we have not been fined or administratively punished by government agencies for violating the Company Act, Securities Trading Act, information disclosure, or local and foreign supervision regulations; a total of 14 cases were fined less than NT$50,000 for violations of environmental protection laws and regulations such as noise control and waste cleaning, and 1 case was more than NT$50,000. In addition, 3 cases were fined less than NT$50,000 in violation of the laws and regulations on occupational safety and health, and 8 cases were more than NT$50,000. The company actively takes relevant improvement measures and continues to strive to implement the following:

Use low-noise machinery and equipment to perform work and adopt pollution prevention and control measures in accordance with the law to maintain the construction environment at the construction sites and prevent pollution from emitting out of the construction sites.

Select a period of time with the least impact on the surrounding environment for construction and avoid sensitive periods, such as early morning, late night, or lunch break. Use equipment with unavoidable high-frequency noise or vibration only during daytime.

Control the waste stacking area and the flow of waste, employ personnel to strengthen the cleaning of the work area and maintain the environment to be rectified and clean, so as to implement the 5S system.

Heighten the soundproof wall to alleviate the impact on the community and take vibration-proof measures.

Strengthen the layout and maintenance of security facilities such as anti-falling and anti-electric shock at the construction sites, strengthen inspections and education for personnel who enters the site, and improve the awareness of occupational safety and health and protection management.