Kedge Construction undertakes engineering projects such as new housing, business offices, high-tech factories, civil bridges, and public constructions. Most of the construction sites are located in high-density urban areas, industrial areas, or science parks, none of which are ecologically sensitive areas. However, in consideration of minimizing the environmental impact during the construction process and avoiding the impact on the surrounding natural ecology, we adopt the following environmental protection measures before construction and during the construction period. 

In addition to the protection of the ecological environment around the work area, we have “cooperated with the Taitung Forest District Office since 2019 to hold the event “Foresting, Creating Beautiful Homelands,” a 2.6-hectare afforestation project with which we continue to adopt a total of 4,000 trees for 5 years. The total budget is NT$720,000.” We provide a living environment for wild animals and plants and strengthen the diversity of the ecosystem.