Public Construction Participation

Kedge Construction actively participates in various domestic engineering projects, hoping to use its rich engineering experience to take part in public projects to provide local people with convenience in life and transportation. Public constructions we participated in include transportation, medical care, and national-level research institution buildings. We continue to make breakthroughs and innovation, and strive to engage in public construction with the best engineering quality, and bring employment opportunities and economic growth to the localities where constructions are conducted. In the process of implementing projects, in addition to the positive economic impact on the local area, we also try our best to participate in coordination and engage in the local community to achieve a balance in all aspects.

Public construction participation in 2022

Using design and technology optimization, considering quality and environment, to build a green home and sustainable city

Taishan Social Housing and National Military Housing Project builds social housing with 3 basement floors and 14 floors above ground, with a total of 560 households. We cooperate with the Ministry of National Defense to build military dormitories with 8 floors above ground and 1 floor below ground. Kedge takes part in the social residential construction, providing high-quality, high-standard and consummate space planning, with the goal of energy saving, sustainability, and safety, to create friendly social housing.

Integrating the environment and humanity: Creating the prosperous residence in Qingpu

“Taoyuan Convention and Exhibition Center,” with a total floor area of 76,120 square meters, is a building with 7 floors above ground and 1 floor underground. The main building structure consists of two parts: “Exhibition Building” and “Conference Building.” After completion, it will become a milestone for Taoyuan City as a representative city for international economic and trade exchanges.

In addition to creating landscape architecture, we pay particular attention to public welfare and feedback with local neighborhood; it is always the concern that we never ignore in every public construction project. This time, in order to fully demonstrate the beauty of Qingpu, wen also co-organized the “Qingpu Painting Competition” with the Taoyuan City Government, and provided them with the hedge space next to the baseball field through the “Taoyuan Convention and Exhibition Center Turnkey Project.” The display of paintings makes engineering no longer just engineering, and creates a beautiful living environment and aesthetics of life together with citizens.

Elastic Partition Diagram