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Tables of the statistics of sustainable building labels awarded in recent years

The number of projects and expenditures for Kedge’s green buildings in 2022

Integrating ESG concepts and promoting Sustainable Engineering Office

The Engineering Office is the core of the engineering base and the starting point for building a sustainable city. It symbolizes the fortress of the base and also reveals the spirit of sustainability. In 2022, the “Sustainable Engineering Office” with the concept of circular economy is thus planned. Through the “modular design” of second-hand containers, the office replaces traditional disassembled modular houses and makes good use of recycled materials such as old wooden pallets and waste spools, integrating the components into office furniture and decoration design. It is also equipped with solar panels and green building elements which performs low energy consumption and the first-class energy efficiency, so as to implement circular economy in construction industry.

When the traditional linear economic model fails, “circular economy,” which aims at zero waste and reusing waste and focuses on new value creation, has become a key for the globe (government and enterprise) to break through the current predicament, strengthen energy conservation, reduce carbon emissions, and move towards sustainable development. The Engineering Office is not only the core of an engineering base, but also the starting point for building a sustainable city. We adopt the “Sustainable Engineering Office” to practice circular economy, demonstrate and share the innovative energy of the construction industry in circular research and development. Meanwhile, through third-party verification we expect to obtain the highest level of BS8001 circular economy certification in July 2023.

“The Sustainable Engineering Office is an innovative experimental project. In the future, in addition to applying for circular economy verification, we will also hold community integration activities to pass on the concept of sustainability to more people.” In the past, we have already accurately measured reusable materials through BIM modeling technology when demolishing builidngs. The construction project of Nanmen Market, which is about to be completed, has a building recycling rate of 9.6%. Not only has it passed the BS8001 circular economy verification, but it has also been awarded the Taiwan Circular Economy Award, to be a standard in the construction industry.