Company Profile

Development History

Kedge Construction Co., Ltd. belongs to the Kindom Corporation group. Established in 1982, Kedge has so far lived for 41 years. Kedge is a Class-A excellent construction company, listed on Taipei Exchange (“TPEx”) in 1998 and later on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (“TWSE”) in 2000. Kedge concentrates on diverse construction projects concerning social and civic infrastructures such as transportation, technological plants, hospitals, housing, civil sport centers, and so on. We adopt the professional knowledge of turnkey construction, building, and operation to carry out constructions throughout Taiwan.

Our professional employees create extraordinary values for clients, shareholders, and the company itself. Through the combination of the unique, innovative construction capacity and professional expertise in engineering, the profitability of our company is enhanced, and a constant increase in profits is also assured with customer satisfaction thus enhanced. In order to meet the vision of sustainable management, we actively take economic, environmental, and social responsibilities.

Business and Scale

Kedge’s revenue has exceeded 10 billion in the recent three years with a market share of 0.3%-0.5% in the construction engineering industry. It was recently won “the third place” in the construction industry in the CRIF Top 5000 Enterprises Survey and “the eleventh place” in the Top 2000 Enterprises Survey from the CommonWealth Magazine. Kedge’s annual revenue reached NT$14.205 billion in 2022, hitting a record high.

Market Analysis

The international economic situation, influenced by the US-China trade war, has provoked Taiwanese business to invest in Taiwan. The demand for technological factories and business offices has increased. With the increase in the governmental financial budge of public constructions and the continual release of forward-looking programs, the management model of the construction industry has thus developed from a traditional one to a form with the division of labor on a project-by-project basis.

In response to the influence of the business cycle in the residential construction market, we continue to promote green engineering and reduce impacts on the environment. We adhere to our business management principles of “sincerity, service, innovation, and sustainability.” Kedge adopts the professional corporate expertise in organizing construction projects and includes smart architecture and green building design in the project organization. We hope to construct a sustainable recycling homeland, pursuing sustainable happy life and creating a healthy, comfortable living environment.

Kedge’s Competitiveness and Future Prospect

In recent years, Kedge Construction has been devoted to brand marketing and business innovation and transformation, and has continuously improved our soft and hard power, such as the COMS system, BIM system, and unit price analysis, to establish a unique competitive advantage with our outstanding smart power. In the future, Kedge will continue to reinforce our existing business foundation: construction projects such as high-quality new residential buildings, high-quality public works, high-tech precision manufacturers’ plants, and so on. We will also undertake a comprehensive business innovation initiative by engaging in high value-added and innovative construction projects with high-tech construction techniques, in the hope of becoming the top brand in the construction industry.

We will continue to accumulate engineering techniques and relevant experiences. We will apply innovative technology in engineering techniques and technical integrity to improve the quality of turnkey projects and massive public civil engineering and residential building projects, thereby continuing to enhance the corporate sustainable operation and the company’s future outlook. We are committed to innovating our business strategies and enhancing construction technology to reinforce our sustainable foundation and construction strengths through continuous and comprehensive enhanced management. We expect to maximize profits for our shareholders’ and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Kedge’s capital amount reached NT$ 1.17 billion, accumulating various actual construction performances in the construction industry, including residential buildings, business offices, bridge infrastructures, public constructions, medical buildings, technological plants and offices, and so on. We earned wide recognition from many owners for our excellent quality and schedule management. We develop a sound system of finance and surpass other peer companies in demonstrating outstanding profitability, which contributes to our competitive advantages.

Kedge Construction continues to improve various construction techniques with collaborative suppliers to ensure that every project be completed on time and on spec. We continue to research on employing new techniques or implements that can improve construction management. We keep committed to brand marketing and business innovation and transformation, reinforce our core competitiveness, and thus intensify our pathway to innovation and reform to strive for high techniques required constructions. We continue to create a safer and healthier construction environment, cultivate talents and pass on skills, and insist on high quality of our construction projects. With the goal of realizing the beliefs of “peace of mind for owners, assurance to customers, and support for employees,” we do our best to fulfill our corporate social responsibility for taking people into concern and caring for the natural environment, in pursue of making ourselves a distinguished representative brand of construction services.

Future risk analysis of value chain and industry chain

The civil engineering industry pertains to the construction industry. The main sources of its business opportunities rely on contracted construction projects from various owners such as the governmental public construction, private construction companies, and public and private agencies. Upstream industries include building materials, foundation works, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and interior design, engineering design.

  • Relevance to upstream industries: The price fluctuation of building materials, the increase in the cost of professional contractors, the increase in labor costs due to a shortage of labor, and the increase in the cost of machinery and tools due to price fluctuations – such aspects all influence the construction costs of the civil engineering industry. The development of the upstream industries is also deeply affected by the economic condition in the civil engineering industry. The two are closely related.
  • Relevance to the downstream industries: The downstream industries include multiple owners ranging from government agencies, public and private institutions, and private construction companies. The main approach of obtaining business opportunities from them is mostly via open competitive bidding or price comparison/negotiation. Public construction projects bid openly by government agencies and projects contracted by private construction companies, in particular, are the main source of business opportunities. The economic condition in this industry is thus largely affected by the government’s public construction policies and the economic condition in the construction industry.

Participating in associations

Kedge Construction actively participates in professional associations to promote the development of the associations, enhance the service quality in this industry with other companies in this industry, and contribute to the dissemination of industry knowledge.

In 2022, Kedge took part in 14 associations to which we sponsored in various ways, such as placing advertisements, paying membership fee, and financially supporting events, to help with their operation. The total amount was NT$ 607,379.

In 2022, the associations that Kedge joined as a group member and an individual member included: the Value Management Institute of Taiwan, the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Taiwan Branch, the Taipei URDA, the Taiwan Society for Circular Economy, the Taiwan Railway Economy Development Association, the Taiwanese Institute of Built Environment Lifecycle Management, the Construction Management Association of the Republic of China, the Alliance for BIM-enabled Upgrading of Taiwan Construction Industry, the Taiwan Union of Nurses Association, the Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association, and the Taiwan Post-Tensioning Institute.

International initiatives

Kedge actively participates in external events on the environment and human rights, putting together entities in different fields to form a positive circular community to facilitate a sustainable planet through mutual exchanges.

Greenhouse gas reduction initiatives

We face up to the issues of climate change and seize the opportunities through risk identification step by step. We support organizational management, energy and procurement management, greenhouse gas inventory, and international initiatives and take relevant actions in response. We put emphasis on “doing the right thing, step by step,” and contribute to the sustainable global environment with practical actions.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We support and respect internationally recognized beliefs in human rights and enhance our employees’ awareness of human rights. With the regular and occasional dissemination of such concepts and policy formulation, we form a consensus and ensure that our daily operations are in alignment with business ethics. We treat employees fairly and with respect and insist on equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, race, age, group, and religion, and provide employees with grievance channels.