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Honor in Sustainability

0 construction projects
  • Silver-level green building label *1
  • Silver-level green building candidate certificate *2
0 million
  • An increase of 30% compared to last year
  • local procurement reaches 99%
0 ha

accumulated 4000 trees in total, sequestrating 7.38 ton of carbon per year for the earth

0 sites

Took the lead in the construction industry for conducting a complete inventory in 5 major categories

NT$ 0 million

Donated on One-Forty and Kindom Yu San Education Foundation

0 %
  • 181 employees obtained a salary raise
  • 6.3% increased in all employees’ salary
0 hours per year

Invested to educational training NT$ 2.95 million

NT$ 0

Extending from the headquarter to the construction sites in Taiwan, the project has benefited more than 10 families.

NT$ 0 billion

Revenue remains in the billion level, hitting a record high since established.

0 dollars

An increase of 2.63 dollars compared to last year, 41.4% developed

0 %

Worked with supply chains in compliance with the principles on sincerity and sustainability

0 points

Continued service after construction; service satisfaction for 16 cases maintains of high level