Kedge Donates NT$1 Million to Aid Reconstruction Efforts in Ishikawa, Japan

Kedge Construction donated NT$1 million to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s special account for the “Japan Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Relief Project” to enhance disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction efforts.

Kedge Construction leads the domestic construction industry towards net zero and sustainable development, pioneering green engineering research and outlining pathways for carbon reduction in projects. Taiwanese and Japanese companies collaborate closely on low-carbon construction methods and technologies such as precast concrete.

In addition, the ‘repair’ cycle project, which links core functions, combines government agencies and homeless support groups with the integration of circular economy concepts to assist in repairing homes for rural families. Over NT$4 million has been invested in this project to date, benefiting dozens of disadvantaged families.

Adhering to friendly supply chain relationships and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, Kedge Construction provides assistance to the disaster-stricken area in Ishikawa, Japan, hoping to help the victims overcome their difficulties as soon as possible. 💪🏼

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