Kedge Donates Six Million to Support ‘Celebrity Study’ Promoting Reading

Kedge Construction donated NT$6 million to support the Kindom Yu Shan Education Foundation in producing “Celebrity Study,” publishing “Intentional Journals,” and various initiatives promoting reading.

The Kindom Yu San Education Foundation, with a mission to promote reading and build education, actively organizes annual flagship reading programs, public lectures, and other educational activities. It also injects various educational resources and facilities to sponsor students in remote areas and disadvantaged social welfare groups, hoping to give back to society to the fullest extent possible and lead the public to understand the “truth” of architecture, the “goodness” of cities, and the “beauty” in life. In recent years, the enthusiastic response to public book donations has reached nearly 5,000 books. Every year, the Kindom Yu San Education Foundation invites Kindom Construction, Kedge Construction, and Global Mall’s eight branches nationwide to jointly promote activities centered around public book donations, extending to travel book fairs, reading salons, travel reading sharing, and more.

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